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We’re in love with this Hair Tool: Find out why !

So you’ve no doubts seen the scalp massager with silicone bristles trend all over social media lately, and you’re not sure why it’s all the hype… well, that’s because treating your scalp is the first step in any healthy hair regimen! The scalp massager actually goes...
Behind the Scenes of our Campaign Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes of our Campaign Photoshoot

After two years in unprecedented lockdowns – the Zimii team was committed to come out of this proverbial setback swinging. We gathered the best creative team we could find in Jamaica for photography, hair, makeup and overall creative direction and hand picked...
Haircare Tips we learnt in 2020

Haircare Tips we learnt in 2020

When the very first set of mandatory lockdowns happened, it’s safe to say our haircare routines, well for most of us, took a nose dive. On behalf of those of us that indulge in a salon visit however often for a simple shampoo service to a professional use only...
Wash Set & Go – The Demo

Wash Set & Go – The Demo

The perfect wash-and-go hairstyle can feel so elusive. You’ll find yourself mixing and matching and cocktailing different products and techniques for months on end trying to find perfection. Before you do any major product hauls you want to check on the general...
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