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Our Story


Our Story

Zimii Haircare, launched in 2016, has roots that goes back to 1981 during Jamaica’s manufacturing heyday. It was produced by Orion Sales (now Orion Manufacturing Services), a company whose philosophy is etched in the principle of building brand Jamaica and making products with the highest quality and exacting international standards.

This philosophy has remained for over 35 years as Orion manufactured for a range of international cosmetic and beauty giants such as Old Spice, Revlon and Crème of Nature. 

When those partnerships ended, Orion, equipped with a highly skilled workforce and uncompromising standards seamlessly transitioned to a new chapter and Zimii was born.

The name “Zimii” a popular expression in our native dialect (patois) embodies the spirit and vibrations of our Jamaican culture, it translates to ‘(Do you) see me?’. Zimii is a gem born out of a combination of heart, passion and expertise enveloped in pure Jamaicaness, loved by those who know it and waiting to be discovered by many more.


Natural and luxurious, well-made yet affordable, we deliver quality haircare products for the everyday woman, man and child.

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